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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked the same question by a lot of new customers, so hopefully this will answer some of the most common initial questions. Simply ‘click’ on a question to reveal the answer.

If you have a question that is not answered here or simply wish to find out more, or want to discuss your care needs, please do contact us.

Q. What are the benefits of having homecare?
A. The main and initial benefit of homecare is as the name suggests – you will continue to live in your own home and familiar surroundings and be cared for there, rather than have to live in a residential care home. At home you can keep all your possessions around you, and even keep your pets. Your friends and family can visit you without restrictions as normal. Your care package is designed to suit your budget and timetable. There is also less risk of illnesses that can spread in a populated residential environment.
Q. If I ask for help, does that mean I’ll be losing my independence?
A. Not at all. We only get involved as much as you want or allow. We will meet with you at the outset to discuss your requirements and then tailor our service to suit your needs.
Q. I’m currently in hospital, can you help me when I come home?
A. Yes, of course. You decide how much we’re involved in that process, including any short periods of convalescence that might be needed. We can also provide longer term care or support if you need it once you are home. We are happy to arrange a visit before you go into hospital to discuss your care needs, and we can arrange to be there when you come home. Our Hospital to Home service is very flexible.
Q. What tasks can your carers do for me?
A. Our care team carry out a variety of tasks to help you with your needs and maintain your independence as much as possible. These include personal care, washing, dressing, meals, assistance with medication, domestic duties (including cleaning and laundry) and general support.
Q. What are they not allowed to do?
A. Our team are not allowing to give injections or apply sterile dressings, and they are not allowed to carry out heavy lifting, climb ladders or steps.
Q. I’m not financially ‘well off’ – can I really have home care and afford to stay in my own home?
A. There are a number of options available to customers that don’t involve you going to extremes such as having to sell your home. Our aim at Attention 2 Care is to provide the right level of tailored services to enable you to stay in your familiar surroundings. You can start by meeting the costs out of normal income, pensions and allowances (depending on the level of help you require). Please read our Funding Information pages for more details.
Q. Is there any government funding I can investigate?
A. The Government and local authorities provide financial assistance, advice and other forms of support to elderly, sick and disabled people who need help with their personal care or nursing. Assistance may vary between different areas of the UK. Please read our Funding Information pages for more details.
Q. Will I have the same carer?
A. Continuity of care is something we take very seriously at Attention 2 Care. Prior to your care package commence date you will meet your team of care workers. We take into consideration care workers do become ill and require time off as for holidays as well, this is why we like to introduce you to 2/3 care workers, depending on the size of your care package. You will never be faced with a total stranger.
Q. Is there a vetting process in place for job applicants?
A. We are an equal opportunities employer and do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, or age. We actively encourage diversity in the workplace. For successful applicants, we do request a criminal records disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), which will highlight previous criminal records, to assess the suitability of applicants for employment in positions of trust. Also Care workers are trained before going out into the community.
Q. How do you ensure that carers are suitably qualified?
A. We hold the qualifications necessary to support all carers in undertaking an intensive training programme and in achieving the standards required by the Care Quality Commission. There is ongoing training and development to ensure the continued competence and capability of each member of our care team.
Q. Is Attention 2 Care limited registered with the appropriate bodies and professional associations?
A. Yes, we are registered with the Care Quality Commission and are subject to regular inspections.
Q. How do I pay for my care?
A. You can pay for your care by standing order or bank transfer. You will be invoiced fortnightly, depending on the service plan you have in place.
Q. What is the minimum time I can book?
A. The minimum visit time you can book is 30 minutes.
Q. Can you include extra services such as shopping?
A. Yes we can. We carry out shopping trips either for you, or with you if you are able to travel. We will work out the shopping list with you and discuss alternatives if items are not available.
Q. What if I need someone to stay longer?
A. Our care staff usually visit a number of people on a service round. If you need them to stay longer and you know this in advance, you should contact us first and we will try to rearrange their rounds if possible. Alternatively, the carer will call the office on arrival if the need to stay longer is urgent. If the need is not very urgent, we try to arrange a later visit at a time when they or another staff member are available.
Q. What if I am not happy with a carer?
A. We encourage customers to let us know as soon as possible if they are not happy with the carer and why, so that we can discuss matters with the carer or arrange for an alternative carer.
Q. Can carers cook?
A. Carers can prepare basic meals if there is sufficient allowed in the care plan to do so. Many of our customers prefer to have a pre-cooked meal service where the food is delivered fresh or frozen and kept in the freezer until required. The carer will then assist with cooking and serving the meal.
Q. Who employs the carers?
A. All our team are employed directly by Attention 2 Care Limited. We are not an agency just farming out care contacts to self-employed carers, nor are we a care brokerage – the people you speak to here and the carers that visit you are all employed by us.

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